Maahash goftee, ghalat magoo mah che bood?

Shaahash goftee, khataast, ham shah che bood?

Taa kei gooyee maraa ke, "Beegah kheezee"

Khorsheed cho baamanast, beegah che bood?


moon he is | you said | mistake | don't say | moon | what | is

king he is | you said | wrong | this | king | what | is

till | when | you say | to me | that | untime/late | you get up

sun | because | is with me | untime/late | what | is


You called Him a moon - you are mistaken. How can the moon compare?

You called Him a king - you are wrong. How can a king compare?

How often do you say, "You get up late."

When the Sun is with me, does time have any meaning?